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Wholesale Bird Baths

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Evergreen Enterprises is a supplier of wholesale bird baths.

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These handcrafted designs utilize UV-resistant paint that allows light to shine through the pressed glass for a gorgeous look that has been tested and proven to withstand the outdoor elements.

Unique TechniqueUnique Technique

Three layers of melted glass are fused together for a unique visual effect. This dimensional look is textured on one side and smooth on the back.

Multi-FunctionalMulti-Functional & Easy to Merchandise

For easy display anywhere, we offer several garden stands, tabletop pedestals, and easels in a range of different finishes. While intended for outdoor use, our glass bird baths are also multi-functional, food-safe indoor pieces. Use them as a serving bowl, centerpiece, or simply enjoy their beauty on a shelf. Our 18" bird baths and stands can all be expertly merchandised on our dedicated display, which packs a lot of product into a 2' x 3' space.

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