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Bird Baths

Birds need reliable sources of water to drink as well as keep their feathers clean and flexible for flight. Offering a clean, shallow source of water can double the variety of birds that visit your yard.

Our glass bird baths make up our largest bird bath category, with a variety of themes, patterns, textures, and shapes. We offer hand-painted glass, mosaic, and even glow-in-the-dark. Most of our glass bird baths are 18", with our packaged bird bath sets coming with 16" bird baths.

Our glass stake bird baths combine 11" bird baths with garden stakes and feature a specially-finished 2-piece stand with a 3-prong ground stake. Our hanging bird baths also offer another all-in-one solution, with the hardware part of the bird bath design.

For easy display anywhere, we offer several garden stands, tabletop pedestals, and easels in a range of different finishes. While intended for outdoor use, our glass bird baths are also multi-functional, food-safe indoor pieces. Use them as a serving bowl, centerpiece, or simply enjoy their beauty on a shelf. Our 18" bird baths and stands can all be expertly merchandised on our dedicated display, which packs a lot of product into a 2' x 3' space.

Some of our glass bird baths also include a lighted option with embedded solar panels. These charge during the day to power a large light that creates a truly magical glow that diffuses throughout the glass at night. These make wonderful accessories to a night garden and feature embossed glass for texture and dimension. Our solar bird baths can be used in-store with a power adapter that shows consumers how beautifully our solar bird baths light up.

Our ceramic bird baths are elegantly designed and feature a connected base and bowl. We even have a lighted ceramic option, with a battery-powered LED light that shines through the base like a lantern.

Our bird bath selection offers a functional birding accessory in many unique ways to complement any garden setting.

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