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Bird watching–or "Birding"–is one of the top pastimes in America. With 1 out of 5 Americans involved, it could be said that birding is the most popular hobby in the United States. Evergreen has long been a friend to the birds, and we offer numerous products to help everyone enjoy their favorite feathered friends. Birds need reliable sources of water to drink as well as keep their feathers clean and flexible for flight. Offering a clean, shallow source of water can double the variety of birds that visit your yard. The majority of our durable glass birdbaths are a standard 18 inches in diameter and 2.5 to 3 inches deep, available in a wide selection of designs with varying artistic techniques. With birding and gardening as two of the biggest hobbies in the USA and Canada, these quality bird baths are an easy to sell items for a variety of accounts.

Translucent Mosaic Tiles
Translucent Mosaic Tiles

Artwork that follows a true mosaic technique for an exquisite detail look. Each tile is applied by hand for true uniqueness. Outdoor-safe, clear adhesives are used to firmly secure each piece of glass.

Oil PaintingOil Painting

Variation in the oil painted artwork allows the light to shine through. Painted by hand for true uniqueness, tapping into consumer demand for individualistic, hand-crafted pieces. Exquisite detail for an artisanal look. Each design icon is created through an embossing technique on the birdbath.

Hand-Applied DecalHand-Applied Decal

Printed decal allows for more detailed artwork. Decals are applied by a water bath transfer method. Hand-applied for precision and accuracy.


Painted artwork shines through the pressed glass. Painted by hand for true uniqueness. Exquisite detail and an artisanal look.

Art NouveauArt Nouveau

Beautiful stained glass appeal. Features bold icons and motifs. Features the familiar swirling, organic forms and complexities of the Art Nouveau style.

Pebble GlassPebble Glass

Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Pieces are handcut and handapplied. Handpainted artwork shows from underneath. Creates a 3D effect.

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