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When bird food sources can have shortages all through the year, it's important to always keep birdfeeders set out. Evergreen Garden offers a wide variety of beautiful and distinctive feeders for every bird enthusiast.

Our seed feeders are varied but are all exquisite additions to any yard or garden. We carry many varieties with unique aesthetic appeal, like our metal and glass owl and bird-shaped bird feeders. Many of our designs feature painted glass and mosaic patterns in unique shapes. Our hanging feeders could double as birdbaths. Our stake feeders feature bright colors and are perfect garden accessories. They are versatile and can be conveniently staked anywhere in the garden.

Our hummingbird feeders are full-featured and are as eye-catching as the hummingbirds they attract, with painted and colored glass designs in interesting shapes, such as our By the Bottle staked feeders. Some of our hummingbird feeders include a removable feeding tube for easy cleaning and refilling. This patent-pending design also allows the hummingbird to reach deep into the feeder. Our ant moats offer a solution to annoying ant problems by stopping ants in their tracks as they try to make their way to the hummingbird nectar. They are a good-looking functional accessory.

Our birdfeeders are functional, attractive and make perfect accessories for birds and birders alike. They look great throughout the year and keep our winged friends coming back for more.

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