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Babies and toddlers need to snuggle up with a warm blanket more than the average human, and at Evergreen, we know that babies demand only the finest blankets. Blankets from b. Boutique make adorable, warm, and comfy accessories for babies and toddlers.

Our Baby Basics swaddle blankets are snug and secure and help infants sleep tight. They come in classic patterns and are made from 100% cotton muslin that's light and comfortable on babies' skin for warm and cozy, yet breathe-able naptimes.

Our novelty rolled blankets roll up into adorable animal shapes and feature a mixed material style with cotton and fleece that gives each animal figure a unique look. We also offer stuffed animal with blanket gift sets, Cuddle Buddy stuffed animals that double as blankets, and classic cable-knit blankets in everyday styles.

Our cotton and polyester minky dot blankets make up the bulk of our blanket selection, with lots of choices for patterns and themes. They come with embroidered designs or printed patterns and feature super-softness that's irresistible to babies and toddlers. Many of these blankets match with our b. Boutique collections, which feature baby apparel and nursery décor in various themes.

b. Boutique blankets keep babies warm and make for comfy nap time and playtime accessories. They come in classic, unique, and cute designs sure to inspire little minds as they grow.

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