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Land that I Love - Red, white and blue styles that never go out of season.

Athleisure continues to dominate the fashion and fitness worlds, giving consumers the ability to enjoy versatile attire that combines sport with style. Our b.Performance™ line features motivational mottos and sassy sayings that are perfect for retail and gift spaces that focus on function and form.

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With cut-out and split open-back silhouettes, moisture-wicking fabric, on-trend messaging, and flattering fits, our tops look stylish even when soaked with sweat.

Our studio stretch pants are crafted from chafe-resistant, moisture-wicking fabric with mesh detailing for extra ventilation. Select designs feature reflective material at the bottom hem for evening workouts outside. The soft material retains its shape even after being washed.

Extra details like hidden pockets, reflective material, and trendy coordinating colors allow for a smooth transition from the gym to running errands.

b. Performance Display

Featuring High Performing Pants

We worked hard to create the perfect high-performing tights for intense training days. It’s all about the right fabrics that provide movement where it’s needed the most. Sculpting technology, a no-flip waistband, hidden pockets, and vent details allow for breathability and comfort, taking the design to the next level.

When planning your store set, consider a retail display solution like the one pictured here to showcase the collection. Photo features SKU 7DSPY037.

b. Performance Display