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A lifestyle brand that provides quality, trend-driven fashion at a moderate budget.

b. Boutique offers wholesale women’s and baby apparel, fashion accessories, and gifts.

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Top-selling b.Boutique favorites that are sure to dazzle!

Wholesale Jewelry
Wholesale Jewelry

Stock up on trendy necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Find bright baubles to suit anyone’s taste with styles that range from classic and elegant to bohemian and ethereal.

Wholesale AthleisureWholesale Athleisure

Athleisure is more than just a trend: it’s a lifestyle that dominates the fashion and fitness worlds, letting consumers enjoy versatile attire that combines sport with style. Multi-purpose pieces can be taken from the lounge to the gym and feature motivational mottos and sassy sayings that are perfect for the retail and gift space.

Wholesale Summer StylesWholesale Summer Styles

b. Boutique is a go-to source for the sweltering summer months. From breezy summer dresses and bold beach cover-ups to fancy flip-flops and innovative travel accessories, our resort styles are in high-demand.

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Wholesale Baby Apparel
Wholesale Baby Apparel

Cute as a button doesn't begin to describe our adorable selection of baby apparel. Nursery décor, cuddly stuffed animals, plush blankets, and irresistible outfits are all offered in traditional pink and blue hues as well as gender-neutral tones. The sweet offerings are perfect for baby shower gifts or everyday wear.

Wholesale Women's ApparelWholesale Women's Apparel

Our boutique-like line of wholesale women's apparel includes dresses, tops, sweaters, bottoms, wraps, shawls, and so much more in a variety of styles / sizes. Each collection tells a color-story and is made of high quality fabrics.

Wholesale Purses and Tote BagsWholesale Purses and Tote Bags

Purses and tote bags are must-have accessories to ensure shoppers are organized and ready for any adventure. b.Boutique produces stylish, high-quality handbags that keep keys, electronics, wallets, and other personal items safe. We offer seasonal styles as well as everyday favorites.

Wholesale Gifts
Wholesale Gifts

Consumers will love shopping b.Boutique’s collection of perfect presents, as the offerings take the stress out of gift-giving. Our enchanting designs include hand-poured candles with refined food-grade paraffin bases and thoughtful tokens like glass paperweights adorned with inspirational messages.

Shop b. Boutique for Wholesale Travel Accessories & Mementos Wholesale Travel Accessories & Mementos

Bon Voyage, our wholesale travel collection, includes must-have pieces for getaways. Chic, convenient products like passport holders, tote bags, and key chains will enhance any journey, whether it’s a short road trip or jet-setting vacation. The all-purpose line is a blend of technology, function and style, resulting in seamless designs for the girl on the go. You'll also find a selection of travel-themed items perfect for your gift shop or boutique.

Wholesale ToysWholesale Toys

b. Boutique offers irresistible toys for babies and kids that provide hours of entertainment and serve as nap time cuddle companions. Furry animals, plush dolls, and fun books all embody the quality standards that Evergreen Enterprises is known for. Wildlife Adventures, our most popular collection, features handcrafted animals from around the world that transport kids to a variety of locations—under the sea, down on the farm, on a spirited safari, and more.

"A. Dodson's has been working with Evergreen Enterprises since we opened our doors in 2003. During that time, Evergreen has helped us grow to 4 stores and counting! They are THE leader in technology forward thinking in the gift industry. They're always willing to try new ideas, grow, and change with the times while never compromising their commitment to the growth of our business. We consider our sales representative and the team at Evergreen, not only a partner but our friends."
-Alison Dodson Anderson, Owner of A. Dodson's