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Evergreen Enterprises Releases Spotlight Salesforce Automation App Built by Whereoware

RICHMOND,VA & WASHINGTON D.C., April 9, 2013 –Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. announces the completion and pending deployment of an Enterprise iPad-focused Salesforce Automation app, Spotlight, developed by Whereoware. This exciting new app was tailored to meet the demands of Evergreen’s sales processes, while providing Evergreen’s territory managers with a more efficient tool capable of taking orders and working with customers on the road and during industry shows.

"When Evergreen’s new Online Retailer Center website debuted in 2012, our rep and retailer base embraced its many valuable features,” said John Toler, COO at Evergreen. “We wanted to extend these capabilities to our face-to-face time with customers. With Spotlight, our territory managers across the U.S. and Canada now have the added ability to help their customers find the right products anywhere, at any time."

Evergreen’s Spotlight app is multi-functional, improving territory managers’ customer interactions with easy order taking,engaging presentations with wish lists, catalog shopping, and order history. Managers can also access up-to-date inventory, promotions, and pricing information.The mobile iPad app can complete nearly every action available on Evergreen’s Online Retailer Center, giving customers a consistent experience regardless of how they engage with the company.

Territory managers appreciate Spotlight’s dashboard, which keeps track of orders in real-time, displaying revenue counts for open orders, sent orders, year-to-date orders, and more.

Spotlight’s benefits extend beyond Evergreen’s sales rep team, however. Now, Evergreen marketers can easily update the app with catalog changes or to highlight sales and promotions. Any adjustments will be reflected immediately for the entire sales team. Spotlight speeds up order flow through the system, leading to faster order turnaround time and a better retailer experience overall.

"The Spotlight Enterprise app helps Evergreen’s marketers push promotions to sales, allows sales managers to see what reps are showing and selling, and gives reps the information they need to be successful," said Eric Dean, President of Whereoware. "It is an incredibly robust app that helps the entire company work together to provide better service to their customers."



For additional information contact John Toler at 800-774-3837 or JohnT@myevergreen.com