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Evergreen Enterprises adds NBA Licensed Products to Sports Line

RICHMOND, VA, Mar. 19, 2012 – On March 9th, Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. and NBA Properties entered into a four year business relationship, allowing Evergreen to manufacture and sell NBA licensed products.

"We are excited that now when we go to market with our independent retailers or national retail chains, we will have the ability to say we have all of their sports covered," said Chuck Fraelich, Vice President of Evergreen.

With the acquisition of Team Sports America and the NFL license in 2011 in addition to their established NCAA line, Evergreen has a robust sports brand including National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), Collegiate, and now National Basketball Association (NBA) products.

The new NBA merchandise will appear in "approximately twenty-five categories with a focus in garden, home décor, and accessories," continued Fraelich. The initial presentation of specific Evergreen products with the NBA brand appears in the company's 500-page 2012 Sports catalog, released this month.

This NBA licensing agreement takes effect at the start of the company's nineteenth year. These products will be sold to retail establishments across the country and worldwide.


For additional information contact John Toler at 800-774-3837 or johnt@myevergreen.com

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