Evergreen Enterprises forms Canadian Subsidiary to Service the Canadian Marketplace

RICHMOND, VA (July 1, 2011) – On July 5th, Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. will launch their subsidiary, Evergreen Enterprises Canada, to service the independent retailers of Canada.

This subsidiary marks a transition for Evergreen, who has partnered with a Canadian distributor since 2008. Employing their established direct sales force model, Evergreen will introduce the best of the company's U.S. assets, technology and product training into this new marketplace. Starting in July, eighteen salespeople will exclusively market and sell Evergreen products in Canada.

Now a member of the Canadian Gift & Tableware Association (CGTA), Evergreen will soon participate in trade shows in Montreal, Alberta, and Toronto. A new partnership with UPS will ensure a smooth supply chain to deliver products in a timely and competitive manner, and a new website will connect Canadian retailers to the Evergreen business platform. Similar to the site for American retailers, this website allows customers to view product details, place orders and view orders twenty-four hours a day. In addition, the Canadian website has a price conversion to the Canadian dollar and has options for text in French or English.

“In order to maximize the opportunity in Canada, we need to employ a direct sales force who can best service the needs of the independent retailer,” says John Toler, Chief Operations Officer of Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. “The latest in-depth product training and the best technology in the marketplace will be at their disposal so retailers can make the best decision.”

The formation of the Evergreen Enterprises Canada subsidiary comes in the company's eighteenth year.

For additional information contact John Toler at 800-774-3837 or johnt@myevergreen.com