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Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. to Launch Exclusive David T. Sands Flag Brand

RICHMOND, VA (June 10, 2011) – “I am so excited to have David Sands as a partner for Evergreen's future,” said Brittany Toler, Evergreen Enterprises' Senior Vice President. “His entrepreneurial spirit, passion for the flag business and artistic talent are great additions to Evergreen's resources.”

David Sands' first designs will appear in the Evergreen Flag catalog in October of this year, adding to the established collection of Coastal, Patriotic and true Summer flags. Moving forward, Evergreen will license artwork for the David Sands Collection ® in every flag catalog and will be the exclusive flag resource for David Sands designs.

Sands formerly owned Toland Enterprises, which launched the first sublimated flag designs and was a leader in the market for many years. However, the New Orleans-based business was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and was forced to close its doors after nearly thirty years. Sands planned on retiring, but his passion for flag design motivated him to continue his work by licensing his designs. Today both David Sands and his wife, Jill Sands, remain active as artists and entrepreneurs.

“David Sands consistently brings trend-aware design to the marketplace, presenting an aesthetic that consumers enjoy: a depth of artwork combined with over-all curb appeal. This partnership is an example of Evergreen's continued focus on expanding our flag business,” stated Toler.

Flags are at the root of Evergreen's history as the first products ever manufactured and sold by the company, and they remain an integral piece of sales efforts in 2011, the company's eighteenth year.

For additional information contact Brittany Toler at 800-774-3837 or