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Bring Home the Adventure

Our Wildlife Adventures line boosts a little one's imagination and sparks a sense of exploration.

This handcrafted plush animal collection inspires young explorers, enhances playtime, and lets creativity run wild.



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Outstanding Display

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Superior Design Details
Superior Design Details

Our cute baby animals display superior workmanship with intricate sculpted details, hand-stitched patterns, and skilled airbrushing techniques that bring the plush pieces to life. The cuddly creatures are shipped lying down, which makes them easier to stack and display at retail.

Expanded Category OfferingExpanded Category Offering

Wildlife Adventures goes beyond the standard industry offerings and includes unique, hard-to-find stuffed animal designs like sloths, dinosaurs, sea mammals, and farm friends. This creates a well-rounded and large assortment of plush pals for our customers to sell.

Proven Category Proven Category

This collection has matured into a top-performing category with a significant presence in the gift industry. We focus on designs that offer regional and national appeal in a variety of retail environments, from boutiques and gift shops to hardware stores and pharmacies.