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Rain or Shine

When it rains, it pours! b.Boutique's fashionable and functional rain gear will keep your customers dry without compromising their personal style.

Whether the weatherman is calling for a light sprinkle or torrential downpour, your shoppers will be protected with the help of our practical and on-trend rain apparel and umbrellas.



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Updated Features
Updated Features

This collection features higher attention to details in new designs and construction. We have elevated designs by adding LED functional lights into the piping and reflective trim on the arms of the jacket to improve nighttime visibility. The light features include fixed and blinking lights at 2 speeds for a total of 3 light settings. Our Reversible Rain Cape now comes in an updated silhouette and material, providing a 2-for-1 reversible look that folds into a pocket for easy portability.

Fashion Meets FunctionFashion Meets Function

Combining practicality and trendiness, our rain collection gives you all the protection you need without compromising your personal style. Fun hues and eye-catching patterns keep you stylishly covered. Our new expandable raincoat unzips at the sides and expands to allow for ease of movement while sitting or biking without getting wet. Reversible wrist straps feature reflective trim for better visibility during use at night or in cloudy weather conditions.

Perfect for On-the-Go LifestylesElevated Materials

Our Expandable Raincoat features an upgraded material and silhouette. Vegan leather offers a sleeker look with an elevated hand feel to the design. Our Reversible Rain Capes were updated to showcase a lighter drape and a softer hand with a more elegant look, due to the new water repellent material.

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